Why Partnering not Parenting?

When a child has a mental health issue, it changes the dynamics of communication and possibility and makes feeling connected tough when you're battling what you may see as poor behaviour (when it's really a response to the illness.) Partnering not parenting is a way for parents to understand how to connect, and how to deal with the grief, shame and distress having a child with depression, anxiety or other mental health condition brings. Suzanne Alderson devised the approach to support her daughter, Issy, to resilient recovery from chronic depression, anxiety and suicide attempts. The approach isn't about changing your child; it's not a therapy or quick fix. It's a powerful, compassionate approach to understanding more about what your whole family is going through as well as the challenges and opportunities this adversity brings. It gives you the community and tools to begin to calm, connect and converse with your child, your family and yourself. You'll get lifetime access to all of the course materials to work through at your own pace, and when Suzanne adds to the course, you'll get automatic updates free of charge.

What do we cover?

    1. Watch first! Welcome to the course!

    2. Please complete this confidential survey to help us to help you over the coming weeks

    3. Partnering 101 - What exactly is Partnering?

    4. Preparing to Partner, not Parent - why are you here?

    5. Self care for the selfless!

    1. Acknowledgment

    2. Changing your Mindset

    3. Dealing with uncertainty

    4. Understanding Your Child's Reality

    5. Stepping Down

    6. Values and Personality Quizzes

    1. Acceptance

    2. Grief

    3. Guilt

    4. Your Mental Health

    5. Your Mental Health - a CBT exercise

    6. Your Mental Health - a CBT exercise - Thought Record

    1. Changing the way you communicate

    2. Reflections on your behaviour

    3. Standing Beside Your Child

    1. On Assumptions

    2. Short Term vs Long Term Thinking

    3. Expectations

    1. Building Trust

    2. Consistency and connection

    3. Patience

About this course

  • £97.00
  • 36 lessons

What parents say about the Partnering not Parenting Course

“The partnering course has been so enlightening - it starts and ends with you ….. I didn’t expect that but it has helped me so much. even though my daughter is recovering it is so very useful & a life long skill as it applies to lots of our relationships. I would highly recommend it.”

Joanne, Course Participant 2019

“I can't recommend this course enough. It is mind blowing. It is informative, in depth, interactive, it makes you think and reflect but the most important thing is IT WORKS. I wanted, needed to change as I love my son and I yearned for connection. I actively participated and listened to the course content and began partnering my son. This course has helped me find and build CONNECTION again. I can't praise it enough. ”

Elaine, Course Participant 2021

“Yesterday evening he asked if I'd like to eat together. I played it calm and simply said, yes sure. He suggested we watch a show while we ate and I went along with it. Tonight he came down again to eat with me, and watch another episode ~ He's not been prepared to eat with me for years. All thanks to Partnering.”

D, Course Participant 2021

“ I love Partnering! Thank you for giving me the tools and the confidence to partner my kids. J had an unbelievably positive first couple of days of 6th form but became hugely overwhelmed and had a big wobble on Tuesday night. She was able to communicate effectively with me the extent of her anxiety and we talked it all through. After a day at home to reset yesterday and some adaptations, she’s back in today! ”

A, Course Participant 2021

“Suzanne Alderson 's Partnering not Parenting approach really does work. Not just with kids but husbands too!!! Since reading Never Let Go and putting Partnering into practice our life is so different. My husband is taking initiative and getting involved in supporting our child's MH recovery. #gratefulgratefulGRATEFUL”

G, PMH member

How much does the course cost?

A one-off fee of £97 for all of the course materials

What does the 'Partnering not Parenting' course include?

The course has been designed to give you all of the practical support and insight you need to Partner not Parent. But we know that not only does life get busy, but that change takes time. So, we give lifetime access to this course plus support from Suzanne and parents in similar positions to you.

  • Lifetime Access to the online video lessons, transcripts and presentations

  • A safe, supportive community on Facebook to share your thoughts, challenges, lessons and wins

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